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When you arrive to a new country the first thing that hits you is that online searches no longer work the same way they did back home. Yes, you may have learned perfect English however something is lost in translation. Your vocabulary is skewed and keywords are – well – key. Here is an example we ran into when looking at the best site for professional immigrants arriving to Ontario – 

  • Nobody outside Canada would ever have guessed that the keyword is “settlement”
  • Our next hurdle was to understand if this umbrella organization was the de facto source of information for Ontario immigration
  • Finally we took their copyright note seriously and asked Theresa Polyakov for permission to write this blog post which she kindly helped us organize

Here is the suggested content structure for professional immigrants:


Regulated Professions

This page nails down what’s regulated and what isn’t with all the related links you need to know. So you are a lawyer and had all the information already. What about a real estate agent? You will be surprised how these regulated professions really make integration somewhat of a Spartan Race if you don’t know your options. Now if you ever plan to leave Ontario and move to Alberta make sure you have that piece of the puzzle covered because the fine print isn’t the same from one province to another!

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Alternative jobs

So you didn’t get the full details back home two years ago when you started the immigration process. After all in the papers Guy Laliberté – founder of Cirque du Soleil – profession is a clown; right. So now you find out that you have to study 2-3 years to get back on track because no FastPass is possible. The best answer to this is to validate if you can take an alternative job i.e. do paralegal work whilst studying law to become a lawyer again in Ontario. Some will even pass the New York State Bar exam! We must of course look a the broader picture of opportunities since some regulated professions can open doors for a new career path which is widely accepted in Canada compared to other countries.

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Access To Professions And Trade Guide

This section of the site was more complex to find a FastPass that suited our lawyer. Suddenly we end up walking through each step of the immigration process with tons of information that may or may not be pertinent to our limited time in front of the screen. It felt like applying for a mortgage online without all the required documents handy. One keeps getting sidetracked by more content. Useful links is a dangerous habit also called the Hummingbird syndrome so we really preferred getting right to the golden nuggets like Speed Mentoring in a city near you.

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Start A Business

Normally professional immigrants like plumbers, teachers, health specialists etc. won’t bite the bullet and bring their savings to start a new company in a new country. The bravest will be bold and defy any criticism from immigration officers and family back home to dream the North American Dream though. After all here is where terms like “Blue Ocean” and “Sky is the limit” were invented. To start a business is hard work for someone who lived their entire life in Ontario. Please make sure you can pay your Hydro bill for at least 18 months before going down the Entrepreneur path no matter what your read in this section of the site. You may become the next Allen Lau from wattpad after all!

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The discussion forum lists 1781 members and topics range from how to apply for student grants to water quality in the province. Honestly community discussion boards that are moderated by the site owner is something of the past. Today professional immigrants just want to get onto a Facebook page and ask the question to the right person that will answer with the perfect advice before bedtime. One hour is asking for too much when you are a Mexican doctor trying to get back into the field in Ontario. It’s like going to a travel agency to buy a flight ticket from Toronto to Montreal really. Great advice. Great in person discussion. Great time waster for the globetrotter who knows where to find the best ticket online after reading Jessica Moorhouse awesome money saving blog! Oh, by the way she lives in Toronto; naturally.


We covered pretty much what was worth in an hours time of surfing this source of valuable information. How often does it get updated? Well, that is always a tricky question and unless you get direct access to a member of staff who knows; well you won’t really know what you don’t know. More importantly websites of this magnitude won’t always point you in the right direction since this goes back to the “keywords are key” discussion earlier.

Theresa never mentioned their world class résumé template which honestly is a copy of the version we have been optimizing for the past 15 years and is second to none to obtain a first interview. Most immigrants we mentored in the past landed a job in their field within 3 months using this résumé template. Get to work right now and create yours for free! Eh, this résumé will work anywhere in Canada by the way.

We want to thank Theresa and for helping you get the FastPass information you needed to be successful in Ontario.


Our blog post doesn’t necessarily represent the opinion of or it’s management. All images above are copyright material from

Next week we will focus on British Columbia even if the cost of living there is too expensive for most Canadians.

We wish you nothing but success and look forward to your story!

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Immigration Industry Events 101 – FastPass


Since we are based out of Montreal the yearly Salon de l’immigration et de l’integration du Quebec is a great place for new professionals arriving to Quebec in the spring to kick start their networking and integration skills. Immigrant Quebec kindly offers a free online booklet that allows you to quickly grasp the installation, daily life, work and recreation norms that exist in French Canada.

We arrived to the Palais de Congres at 5pm sharp and clocked ourselves for a 45 minutes touchdown since events like these need a solid preparation strategy. You are a professional immigrant and we are pro’s in networking. Now watch closely:

  1. Unless you are planning to work for any of the companies being present with a booth don’t bother to talk too much with their staff. They don’t wear any name tags and will often refer you to a website. At best you will get a generic email address connected to a person that isn’t a decision maker you need.
  2. Instead you arrive with your smartphone and install the LinkedIn app that has your profile at least 80% complete and with a picture. Repeat – with a picture no matter what the color of your skin is please. You ask the member of staff who the decision maker is that needs a to hire a professional immigrants that have the permanent residency visa or work permit ready.
  3. Now you will be surprised when they actually give you a name. Look it up on LinkedIn and ask to confirm the right person. Hit “Send invite” and follow up immediately with a personal message once they accept your invitation! You can add 5-10 decision makers in 30 minutes and add 1,000 to 2,500 new valuable 2nd degree connections to your LinkedIn profile at no cost.
  4. Let us know if this worked for you at the next networking event or tradeshow you attend since we owe this great growth hack to Sebastien Roy from Leanframe!
  5. We managed to connect to 5 potential service providers for our upcoming marketplace. Mission accomplished!

Now that we had grasped who was worth our time for a follow up we made sure to comment on Facebook posts, Twitter hashtags and blogs after the event final hours. Everybody reads the thank you notes. Especially decision makers who paid to be there! You will be amazed how few professional immigrants asked for help in public on social media channels during the event. It’s prime airtime for free and you get responses to your smart questions in real time by experts in the field!

You also want to talk to organizers who are all approachable. We knew Vanessa Baviere from her previous position at CRE Montreal and she was making sure the closing ceremony worked like a Swatch. Standing at the exit relaxed and naturally tired we could have asked her for any decision maker contact information right there right then. We didn’t see any professional immigrant approach her directly which is often a cultural mishap. Here you can talk to decision makers without a special invite. Just ask and listen carefully. If they are busy pick up that smartphone and hit “Send LinkedIn Request”!

Now you may ask us who the people are that created this event. If you dig deeper there will be a lot of names coming up. Because there is a story to every one of these events across Canada. If you take the time to map them in LinkedIn you will find links to these fine Patriots. There are many more, but you have to start small and work your way to the right person one connection at a time.

Jonathan Chodjai – Co-founder and Board Member of the event

Christophe Verhelst – consultant and partner for major sponsors

Guillaume Forget – the very best mentor in town based on our experience

You will also be pleasantly surprised to find an online marketplace in French only for all kind of immigrants arriving to Quebec. We encourage our competition and learn from them all the time. Let us know what you think we should do better! Any red tape that we can remove?


Next week we will introduce you to the best source of information for professional immigrants arriving to Ontario. Subscribe to our blog if you don’t want to miss out!

We wish you nothing but success and look forward to your story!

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Immigration Isn’t One Hundred Years Of Solitude

360 decision online marketplace for professional immigrants - one hundred years of solitude

Immigrating To Canada doesn’t need to feel like One Hundred Years Of Solitude

Immigrating To Canada As A Professional

For those of you being professional immigrants who arrived to Canada and have read One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez you know exactly what we mean. You settled in a Canadian city of your choice to find a better life and a new home only to discover that you are now unable to escape your (mostly self-inflicted) misfortunes.

We at 360 decision want to help you to know what you don’t know faster, smarter and together. Our series of blog posts are going to be very focused on every aspect of life as a professional immigrant arriving alone, with your partner or family. Why do we focus on you and not everyone with a valid Canadian visa? Because there is a sense of urgency to keep you in Canada. You simply don’t have the luxury to start all over again.

No matter where you arrived from we will focus on where you want to be in the coming three to six months. Yes, it’s honestly that simple. Focus on the foundation of your new life and the rest will fall into its place naturally. Knowing is half the battle and we partner with the best associations, companies and freelancers out there who have a proven track record. Deliver top notch quality and integrity consistently is our motto.

WIIFM or What’s In It For Me – Problem Validation


So now you must wonder how 360 decision will help you in the coming months. Well, first of all we would like to know more about how your welcome ceremony has been going since you arrived. Do you feel excited, discouraged or in-between? Which problems did you tackle on your own and which did you get help with? Anything you would have done differently back home? Tell us your story or record a short video. We want to listen to you.


We promise that every story will get a personalized response within 24 hours.

If you are interested in our upcoming series of fast track solutions to integrating in Canada please sign up for free today. Like what you read and know someone in your country that may also need help with their upcoming or current Canadian integration as a professional? Please share this blog post on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page now.

Oh, by the way – just to admit that reading this book in Spanish was one of the hardest things I had done since learning the language however it was so worth it.

We wish you nothing but success and look forward to your story!

360 decision - Martin Wiedenhoff - CEO

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